Irrigation is an important input for enhancing production and productivity in Agriculture Sector. With a view to expand irrigation facility in the state, the Government has implemented Various irrigation schemes like Medium Irrigation, Lift Irrigation, Deep Tube Well, Diversion Scheme, Medium Irrigation Project, Artesian Wells, Shallow Tube Wells, Tanks, Pick-up weirs, small pumps, Watershed Management etc. There is 2,55,241 hectare of cultivable land in the state, out of which  1,17,854 hectare  cultivable land has been brought under assured irrigation as on 31.03.2020 by different Departments which is 46.20% of the cultivable area. The status of irrigation over the period till 31.03.2020 is presented in the following Table:-
Sl No Plan Period Command Area (Ha.) Cumulative CA(Ha.)
1 I-Plan 1952-57 0 0
2 II-Plan 1957-62 0 0
3 III-Plan 1962-67 346 346
4 IV-Plan 1967-72 1610 1956
5 V-Plan 1972-77 2427 4383
6 VI-Plan+ 1977-85 9353 13736
 7   VII-Plan 1985-90 7184 20920
1990-92 3919 24839
8 VIII-Plan 1992-97 4599 29438
9 IX-Plan 1997-2002 37840 67278
10 X-Plan 2002-2007 23575 90853
11 XI-Plan 2007-2012 19671 110524
12 XII-Plan 2012-2017 5321 115845
13 2017-2018 774 116619
14 2018-2019 885 1,17,504
15 2019-2020 350 1,17,854
The total area irrigated in the State is 1,17,854 hectare, in which the contribution of PWD(WR) is  81,664 hectare. The scheme wise details achievement of PWD(WR) are given below:
Lift irrigation Schemes   1595 Nos.   56921 ha.
High Power Lift irrigation Schemes 7        943 ha.
Deep Tube Well Schemes                          288 Nos.  6675 ha.
Diversion Schemes                                              48  6382 ha.
Low Height Pick-up weir                               4    32 ha.
Medium irrigation Projects   3 Nos.  10711 ha.
Total   1945 Nos.   81664 ha.

During Budget Speech’2020 the Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister, Tripura has announced that under the “Chief Minister’s Assured Irrigation Programme” the target of the state government is to bring 56,000 hectare additional cultivable land under assured irrigation within the next 5 years so that irrigation potential of the state is fully utilized to cover 1.73 Lakh hectare of cultivable land. This shall be achieved through optimum usage of existing sources as well as new surface and ground water schemes. Financial resources for this purpose will be pooled from various sources i.e. PMKSY, State Resources, RIDF and Externally Aided Project (EAP) etc.State Government has constituted the Tripura State Irrigation Council on 15th February’ 2020 with an aim to bring synergy in the individual efforts of the PWD (Water Resources),Agriculture, Rural Development, Forest, TTAADC etc departments in creation and maintenance of irrigation schemes and to formulate a comprehensive plan for optimal irrigation coverage to agriculture land by utilizing existing potential irrigation resources as well as creation of new resources like extraction of Ground Water, construction of Rain water harvesting cum MI storages and augmentation of the capacity of surface water irrigation through rejuvenation of rivers for optimising it’s discharge during lean period etc. It has been decided in the 1st meeting of State Irrigation Council that out of the 56,000 hectare target, PWD (WR) Department shall bring 36,000 hectare command area under assured irrigation by next 5 years. Remaining 20,000 hectare shall be brought under assured irrigation jointly by Agriculture, TTAADC, TREDA and Rural Development Department.As the Irrigation development in respect of dry month’s surface discharge available has reached almost to its optimum level, there is minimum scope of further utilisation of surface flow for increasing irrigation coverage. On the other hand rain water harvesting MI Storage Reservoir is more suitable option for irrigation as well as for ground water recharging.Besides this as per latest report of CGWB published in the year 2016-17 the rate of ground water extraction in Tripura is very less (7.88%) in comparison to national level(58%). So another viable option for irrigation is through SBTW / DTW. Emphasis has now been given on the storage of rain water and on Small Board Tube Well schemes based on ground water. Accordingly Public Works (Water Resource) Department has planned to construct 122 (one hundred twenty two) MI storage schemes, 13(thirteen) L.I schemes, 7(seven) Diversion schemes, 25(twenty-five) pick–up-weirs, 5000(five thousand) SBTW Schemes & 200(two hundred) DTW Schemes to bring 36,000 hectare of cultivable land under Assured Irrigation in the next 5(five) years. 
5(Five) Years Action plan of PWD (WR)   Financial year Command area to be covered           (in ha)                      Description of Schemes
MI Storage( in no) Diversion (in no) DTW( in no) Pick-up-Weir       ( in no) LI(in no) SBTW( in no)
 1  2020-21 3,000 5 1 19   3 1,121
 2 2021-22 8,000 10 2 25   3 1,500
 3 2022-23 12,000 45 2 70 10 4 1,300
 4 2023-24 8,000 34 1 50 10 2 879
 5 2024-25 5,000 28 1 36 5 1 200
  Total    36,000 122 7 200 25 13 5,000
 Major initiative of PWD(WR):- In keeping with the above target a DPR for construction of 2 major dam on the upstream of Haora river at Champaknagar and Champaibari over Champaicherra to create 2(Two) Rain Water Harvesting Reservoirs on the upper catchment of Haora river  is under preparation. The CWC, Government of India has been assigned the job of preparation of DPR of the said project. On completion, this project will create irrigation facility to approximately 700 hectare Land and will provide drinking water to the people of Agartala. In addition it will recharge the ground with water as well as will minimize flood in the Agartala city to some extent.
Flood Management: - PWD (WR) implements Flood Management works of the State to save and protect Govt. and private properties from floods by protection of river bank by providing revetment structure such as lunching apron and slope pitching by cement concrete / sand cement blocks. Submergence/ inundation of flood prone area is protected by construction of embankments.So, far PWD (WR) has constructed 154.41 Km of embankment and 98.00 Km of anti-erosion to protect 28000 ha. Of land from flood submergence and to protect important towns, habitations, public utilities and important agricultural land from river erosion.At the fag end of the year 2019 a project of Flood protection /Anti Erosion work along the bank of different rivers for protection of vulnerable location of Tripura under RIDF-XXV at an estimated cost of Rs.67.49 crores to protect 10.580 Km of embankment has been taken up. The project will be completed by the year 2020-21.
S.L. No  Name of work Physical Target                                                      Financial Target
No of Work Length in Km Cost in Crore
 1. Flood protection /Anti Erosion work along the bank of different rivers for protection of vulnerable location of Tripura under RIDF-XXV 52 10.580 67.49
District Wise Break up:-
SL. No  Name of District Physical Target of anti erosion work
 No of Work Length in Km
1 West Tripura District 16 2.540
2 Sepahijala District 11 1.850
3 Dhalai District 10 2.290
4 Unakati District 9 3.00
5 North District 6 0.90
  Total 52 10.58
Out of the 10.580Km anti –erosion work taken up, the work of 6.33 Km has already been completed and the balance 4.25 Km work is in progress.   
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