List of Holidays - 2022
List of Holidays - 2022
Date Festival/Occasion
1 January 26 Republic Day
2 February 5 Saraswati Puja
3 March 1 Maha Shivaratri
4 March 18 Holi
5 April 14 Biju Festival
6 April 15 Bengali New Year's Day/Good Friday
7 April 21 Garia Puja
8 April 22 Additional Holiday for Garia Puja
9 May 3 Id-Ul-Fitr
10 May 9

Birthday Of Rabindranath Tagore

11 May 16 Buddha Purnima
12 May 26 Birthday of Kazi Nazrul Islam
13 July 7 Kharchi Puja
14 July 26 Ker Puja
15 August 9


16 August 15

Independence Day

17 August 19

Birthday of Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur Deb Burman / Janmashtami

18 October 3

Maha Ashtami

19 October 4 Maha Navami
20 October 5 Vijaya Dasami
21 October 24 Diwali


*In the year 2022 , the following festivals/occasions viz. Netaji's Birthda(23rd January),Id-Uz Zuha (Bakrid) (10th July),Mahalaya (25th September),Maha Saptami/Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday(2nd October),Lakshmi Puja(9th October),Birth of Prophet Mohammad(9th October)and Christmas Day (25th December) fall on Sunday. As such, these days have not been included in the list of Holiday.


Any government Employee may be permitted to avail any four holidays.
1 January 1 New Year's Day
2 January 14 Pous Parban
3 April 8 Basanti Puja
4 July 1 Ratha Yatra
5 August 11 Jhulanjatra Samapan
6 September 17 Biswakarma Puja
7 September 21 Akheri-Chahar-Sumba
8 October 27 Bhatridwitia
9 November 8 Guru Nanak's Birthday
10 December 3 World Disabled Day

*In the year 2022,The fallowing festivals/occasions viz. May Dey (1st May) and Jamai Sasthi (5th June)  fall on Sunday.And the Biju festival and Mahavir Jayanti fall on same day and the Biju festival (14th April) is already included in the list of Govt. holidaye.As such, these days have not been included in the list of restricted holidays,



1).Bangabdha dates shown in the Calendar, 2022 A.D. are in accordance with the letter No. CLR-01001/2022/1341 dated 16-08-21/Sravana 25th ,1943 Saka of  the Positional Astronomy Centre, India Metrological Department,Government of India,Block-AQ, Plot No.8, Sector -V Salt Lake, Manish Bathan , Kolkata-700091.

     and Bengali dates shown as 26 July/9 Sraban,9August/23 Sraban.15August/29Sraban & 24 
October/6 Kartick and four days on RH are made by matching as per Notification issued by the GA(SA)Department,gOVT OF tRIPURA VIDE No:F.17(1)-GA(SA)/2021/9127 dated 01-12-2021.


 2). Tripurabdha dates shown in the Calendar, 2022 A. D. are in accordance with the       letter No.F.2(102)/TRI/RES(T.E.)/2014/1086 dated 08-10-2021 of the Tribal Research and Cultural Institute,   Government of Tripura, Agartala.

3) Date shown Red figures in the Calender,2022 A.D. indicate Government Holidays as per Notification No.F.17(1)/GA(SA)/2021/4127 dated 1st December 2021 issued by the G.A.(S.A.),Department,secretariat. Government of Tripura,Agartala.




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