Vision & Objectives
Vision & Objectives


To ensure balanced development of towns and villages into liable, economically vibrant and productive, sustainable and efficient entities with provision of adequate durable public infrastructure and amenities for all sections of society and bringing out efficiency in service delivery mechanisms.


To improve the State's road transport infrastructure (physical network, operations and management) in a sustainable manner, by efficiently removing road transport bottlenecks, lowering transport costs and improving the maintenance of road network assets;

Achievement of effective sustainable funding and management of road maintenance;

  • Introduction of national and international quality road construction methods, quality and management standards;
  1. Strengthening and modernization of State institutional arrangements, policies, resources and capacities for the management of the sector;
  2. Strengthening of Quality management mechanism;
  • Major Activities proposed to be implemented during the period
  1. Connecting all remaining un-connected habitations of the state by all-weather road.
  2. Improvement of Connectivity with District Hqtrs.
  • Connecting all remaining Sub Divisional Hqtrs. with nearest Dist Hqtrs./ NH by 2-lane standard.
  1. Connecting all Block Hqtrs. by 2-lane road with nearest Dist. Hqtrs/ NH
  2. Connectivity with all Panchayats/ Village Council offices.
  3. Improvement of Connectivity to Tourist Locations.
  • Replacement of existing Timber Bridges by permanent bridges.
  • Inter-state connectivity.
  1. Connecting all Land Custom stations and Border Blocks with nearest NH/ Block Hqtrs by 2-lane road.
  2. Connecting all Railway Stations with nearest NH by 2-lane road.
  3. International Connectivity.
  • Modernisation and Quality Improvement of Works including mechanization.
  • Capacity building & Computerization.




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