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Functions and duties of the electrical inspectorate

FUNCTIONS AND DUTIES OF THE ELECTRICAL INSPECTORATE Electrical Inspectorate, PWD Govt. of Tripura was Created in the year 1978. The Inspectorate is basically a Statutory and Service department and falls under Non-Plan Scheme: Authority of Electrical Inspector to function under Section 13, Sub-Section-2 of Section 18, Sub-Section-2 of Section 33 and Sub- Section -2 of Section 34 of the I.E. Act, 1910 was vested by the Govt. vide Memo No.F. 39(2)/PWD/78 dated, 23-02-79 of Secretary (PWD), Govt. of Tripura. Tripura Electrical Licensing Board (TELB) was Constituted vide Notification No.F. 6(53)-PWD(E)/76 dated 30-04-82 of the public works Deptt (PWD). The Electrical Inspector is to act as Ex-Officio Member-Secretary of the Board as Constituted below: 1) Secretary, PWD, Tripura (Ex-Officio) President. 2) Head of the Deptt. of TEC (now NIT)Agartala. Member. 3) Head of the Deptt. of Polytechnic Institute Member. (now TIT) Agartala. 4) Principal I.T.I. Indranagar, Agartala. Member. 5) A Representative from Deptt. of Power Member. Tripura. 6) Executive Engineer, Internal Electrification Member Division, Agartala. 7) A Representative from recognized Association Member of Electrical Contractors engaged in electrical Work in Tripura. 8) Electrical Inspector (Ex-Officio). Secretary. Further Tripura Electrical License (Contractor?s / Supervisor?s / Workman?s) Regulation 1981 (as amended in 1992) including enhancement of Contractor?s License fees and Examination Fees for Workman and Supervisory Certificate and renewal fees thereof. The Regulation as amended in the Scheduled shall be known as Tripura Electrical License (Contractor?s / Supervisor?s / Workman) Regulation, 1998 vide Notification No.F. 6(3)/TELB/Shadow dated: 30th December 1998. FUNCTIONS OF THE ELECTRICAL INSPECTORATE, PWD:The function of the Electrical Inspectorate, PWD can broadly be divided in 4( four) parts as follows:

  1. Works related to IE Rules, 1956 and IE Act, 1910.

In order to implement IE Rules and IE Act. through out the State, the Inspectorate is required to deal mainly with the following works: (a) Inspection of new EHV, HV lines and Sub-station including rural electrifications works to accord approval for commissioning. (b) Periodical inspection of EHV, HV lines and Sub-stations, major wiring installations, factories, etc., already connected to the supply system, to bring them in general conformity with the provision of IE Rules, as and where required. (c) Investigation into electrical accidents cases (both human being and animal) for finding out the cause(s) of the accident and to suggest remedial measures to the concerned authority.

  1. Works related to Tripura Electric al Licensing Board(TELB):

On behalf of the board, the Electrical Inspectorate organizes and conducts written and practical examinations every year for Supervisory and Workman Certificates, The Works related to TELB are briefly as under: (a) Scrutiny of applications for Electrical Workman and Supervisory Certificate Examination. (b) Setting of question papers, to organize and conduct examinations both written and practical, evaluation of answer scripts and publication of results with approval of the Board. (c) Scrutiny of applications for Electrical Contractors Licence and process them for approval of the Board. (d) Renewal of Workman and Supervisory Certificates and Contractors Licence. (e) To organize Board meetings at least once in every six months of as and when desired by the Secretary, PWD i.e Ex-Officio President of TELB and to draw the minutes of each of the meetings and to circulate the minutes to the Member of the Boards with approval of the president.

  1. Works related to Cinematograph Act, 1952:

As per the ACT, Electrical Fitness Certificates, in respect of Cinema-Hall wiring installations, are required to be issued once in every year for permanent cinema halls and once in every six months for temporary halls. If any of the wiring installation is found not up to the marks, nos of inspections are required to be conducted for the some hall.

  1. Works related to Central Electricity Board (CEB) :

The CEB is the apex, body of the country for making additions, amendments and modifications of IE Rules, Electrical Inspectorate the State in the Board as member and interacts with the activities of the Board. ELECTRICAL INSPECTORATE, PWD Existing Men in Position

Electrical Inspectorate Pundit Nehru Complex, Agartala Tripura West (0381-2325234)
Technical Ministerial
1 No. Asstt. Electrical 1 No. APS. Inspector. 1 No. UDC 1 No. Mechanic. 3 Nos. LDC 2 Nos. Peon 1 No. Chowkider.

The department of Electrical Inspectorate is a department of the State Govt. for discharging the above said functions and plays a very important role in the development growth of the State. All the Electrical Installations in the State like Sub-Station and lines in the field of Generation, Transmission and distribution of Electrical energy whether erected and installed by the Licence of in the private Sector, are required to be inspected and cleared by this department before the same is energized and power connection is released by the supplier. In addition, matters of Electrical accidents, conducting Exams for Electrical Supervisor?s and wireman, Issue of licenses to the Electrical Contractors, Issue of No- objection certificate for Electrical Clearance of Cinema Halls and construction of multistoried buildings etc. as per IE Rule 1956.


Rules for enlistment of electrical contractors in PWD


Class-I Qualified to participate in tender for works costing upto any amount. Class-II Qualified to participate in tender for works costing upto A 20.00 lakh Class-III Qualified to participate in tender for works costing upto A 10.00 lakh. Class-IV Qualified to participate in tender for works costing upto A 5.00 lakh Class-V Qualified to participate in tender for works costing uptoA 2.00 lakh.

The contractors enlisted under these Rules will be entitled to participate in tender for executing internal electrical worksunder the Tripura Public Works Department, any where in the Tripura State.

NOTE:- 1. On the recommendation of the Addl. CE(Project)/ Superintending Engineer, Project Circle/5th Circle, the Chief Engineer, Public Works Department may issue special permission in favour of a contractor enlisted under these rules to submit tender for works falling in a next higher class in specific cases, if considered necessary for proper competition in tendering.

RULE-2.Authorities for making enlistment of Contractors.

Enlistment of contractors will be issued by the following authorities:-

Class-I, Class-II, Class-III & IV By the Chief Engineer, PWD(R&B) on recommendation of the Board of Superintending Engineers comprising of the Addl. CE(Planning)/Superintending Engineer, Planning Circle, as Chairman and Addl. CE(Project)/ Superintending Engineer, Project Circle & Superintending Engineer, 2nd Circle as Member.
Class-V By the Addl. CE(Project)/ Superintending Engineer, Project Circle, Agartala and Superintending Engineer, 5th Circle, Dhalai on the recommendation of their respective concerned Executive Engineers of Internal Electrical Divisions.

RULE-3. Eligibility for enlistment in different Classes.

Class-I (a) A Contractor desiring enlistment in this Class must be resourceful, should have an established Office with engineering staff and required machineries and tools and should be capable of executing large works in all stages. (b) The contractor should have satisfactorily executed at least 3 works of this nature in PWD, Tripura costing A 20.00 lakh each or above. Contractors enlisted in different categories shall employ graduate/ diploma electrical engineer and ITI certificate holder in electrical discipline having supervising workman certificate issued by Licensing Board(Electrical), Govt. of Tripura in all cases throughout the execution of each work as mentioned below- For each work valued above Rs.15.00 lakh --> Graduate Engineer(Electrical) having supervising workman certificate issued by Licensing Board of Tripura. For each work valued above Rs.5.00 lakh upto Rs.15.00 lakh. A 3,000/-
Class-II (a) Contractors to be enlisted in this class must have necessary resources, requisite experience for such type of works, established office and required tools and implements. (b) The contractor must have satisfactorily executed at least 3 such works in PWD, Tripura costing A 10.00 lakh each or above. A 2,000/-
Class-III (a) Contractors to be enlisted in this class, should have required resources and experience for execution of such works. (b) The contractor must have executed at least 3 works in PWD, Tripura costing A 5.0 lakh each or above. -> Diploma Engineer(Electrical) having supervising workman certificate issued by Licensing Board of Tripura. For each work valued upto Rs.5.00 lakh. -> ITI certificate holder(Electrical) having supervising workman certificate issued by Licensing Board of Tripura. A 1,000/-
Class-IV (a) Contractors to be enlisted in this class should have necessary resources for execution of such works. (b) The contractor must have satisfactorily executed at least 3 works in PWD, Tripura costing A 2.00 lakh each or above. A 500/-
Class-V (a) Contractors to be enlisted in this class should have necessary resources for execution of such works. A 300/-

The applicant for enlistment in any of the classes as above, must be a Citizen of India. He should submit the application in the form prescribed and annexed hereto, which may be obtained with an application from the office of the Executive Engineer, Internal Electrical Divisions, at Agartala & Ambassa,PWD, at a price of A 50/= each. True copies of Citizenship Certificate, Income-Tax and Professional-Tax Clearance Certificate of current validity each duly attested together with a certificate of any recognized Bank regarding Financial soundness (this is necessary only in case of Class-I to Class-IV) should be submitted with the application. In case of a partnership firm, the application must also accompany with a true and attested copy of the registered deed of partnership and certificate of registration in the firm-name.

Rule-4.Payment of earnest money with tenders.

No exemption from payment of earnest money with tender is allowed.

The enlisted contractor shall have to deposit earnest money alongwith tender at the rate 1(one)% of the estimated cost put to tender in the shape of Demand Draft/ Deposit-at-callfrom recognized/schedule banks irrespective of any ceiling limit.


The Contractors will not be permitted to get enlistment in different classes at the same time or in the name of self and at the same time as partner of a partnership firm.


Close relatives of gazzetted Officers, DivisionalAccountants, Office Superintendent, Head Clerks, of the Public Works Department, who are enlisted as contractors under these rules will not be entitled to submit tender for works under the Circle/Division where his relative is posted.

No employee employed under the Tripura Public Works Department is allowed to be enlisted as Contractor under these rules within a period of 2(two) yearsof his retirement without permission of the Government.


The listof enlisted contractors will be reviewed periodically with a view to weeding out of contractors guilty of malpractices or otherwise un-suitable.

Names of enlisted contractors who do not tender for works for 2(Two) consecutiveyears will be removed from the list of enlisted contractor.


The authority competent to enlist contractors in different classes as specified in Rule-2,may in the manner herein-after provided, demote, remove, suspend business with or black list a contractor

8.(3)No order for demotion, removal, suspension of business or black listing of acontractor under this rule shall be passed except after giving the contractor a reasonable opportunity to represent his case.

Against an order issued for demotion, removal black listing, or suspension of business in relation to a subsisting contract with, a contactor, he may prefer an appeal to the Secretary,Public Works Department(R&B). The Secretary, P.W.D(R&B). on receipt of such appeal/ petition, will review the case and pass necessary orders. The decision of the Secretary, Public Works Department(R&B) shall be final.

8.(4)The Chief Engineer,PWD(R&B), Tripura may modify, add, delete and/or change any of the above rules and same shall be binding on all enlisted contractors.

This rule will come into effect from 1st April, 2012

chief engineer,

public works department(r&b)

new secretariat Complex




NOTE 1. Any person who makes any false statement for the purpose of obtaining for himself or any other person an electrical contractor's licence shall render himself liable to prosecution. 2. If additional space is required for giving complete information against Sl.No. 6 & 7 of this this application a separate sheet of paper may be used and attached with this form. 3. The minimum requirement for testing instrument is possession of one 500V Insulation tester and one earth tester / Tung-tester.4. Photocopy of Citizenship (or Ration Card), duly attested by a Gazetted Govt. Officer, must be attached with the application.

1. Form A, B, C and D

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