State Quality Control Board

The State of Tripura had Testing Laboratory since 1971, in a very limited capacity to conduct tests on various construction materials so as to look into the quality aspect of construction. To enhance the scope of its functioning a Joint Venture with the CSIR-NEIST, Jorhat was initiated in the year 2008. As a part of the same, few equipments were received from CSIR-NEIST, Jorhat in 2008 and subsequently, the testing laboratory was inaugurated as State Quality Control Laboratory on 6th Sept 2008 by Hon’ble Minister for PWD, Finance etc Department in presence of the Director, CSIR-NEIST, Jorhat.

At present testing facilities available at this State Quality Control Laboratory ( at Pragati Road, Agartala) include the followings:-


Compressive strength


Compressive Strength; Water Absorption; Dimension


Aggregate : (stone & brick)


Sieve Analysis; Impact; Abrassion; Water Absorption; Specific Gravity




Sieve Analysis, Uniformity co-efficient, Fineness Modulous ;; Specific Gravity;

Silt & clay content


Cement :


Consistency, Initial & Final setting time; Specific Gravity; Fineness test ( By sieving method only); Soundness Test; Compressive Strength


DWS items ( like Anthracite, Gravel, Pea gravel, MNO2 etc)


Sieving, Uniformity co-efficient, Specific Gravity.

[Chemical analysis is not done at this lab at present]


Atterberg's Limit; Grainsize analysis; Natural Moisture content; Bulk & Dry Density, Proctor compaction test. In addition equipments for conducting CBR test & few other soil related tests are available.

Criteria for sending sample for conducting test at SQCL, Agartala

1 Cube : Minimum 3 Cube ( with engraved Name of sub-divn/other Identifying Mark, Date of casting, Grade), in properly sealed condition

2 Brick : Minimum 5 bricks( with identification BRAND engraved ) in Properly Sealed condition.

3 Cement : At least one bag of Cement of unbroken bag in fresh condition identifying Brand, Date/month of Manufacturing,

4 Aggregate (Stone & Brick): At least 15 kg for 10 & 20 mm nominal size and 20 kg for 40 mm nominal size in Properly Sealed condition

5 Sand : At least 10 kg of sand in Properly Sealed condition

Conducting test is subject to availability of manpower and other infrastructure support.

To further enhancement of the scope of work of this State Quality Control Laboratory (SQCL), a “MEMORANDUN OF UNDERSTANDING” is being signed shortly BETWEEN Public works Department (R & B), Govt. of Tripura AND CSIR - North- East Institute of Science & Technology, Jorhat , Govt of India for Support Services in running “State Quality Control Laboratory” .

After signing the MOU, the SQCL is expected to develop in the following direction in a phased manner

1. More availability of fund for development of SQCL, which to results in development of infrastructure in the form of – 1)procurement of important equipments like Universal Testing Machine(UTM), Mechanical soil boring equipments for boring up to higher depth as required for Tripura soil; Design Mix related equipments and so many other equipments and 2) creation of space through civil construction for expanding scope of test.

2. Since CSIR-NEIST is having the ISO 9001: 2008 certificates, the same ISO certification can be used by SQCL at Agartala. Test at SQCL will be as per ISO Certification.

3. Scope for conducting Soil & other test to be enhanced at SQCL through Scientific, Technical Guidance & all necessary help from CSIR-NEIST Jorhat to do the quality testing as per National & International Standard

4. Development of Manpower through comprehensive training for engineers & supporting staffs.

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