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Sl.No. Works
1. 3 days training programme on Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) of Highways at SIPARD , Agartala from 16.01.2019 to 18.01.2019
2. Revision of existing rates of various tests conducted in the TripuraState Testing Laboratory, PWD (R&B).
3. Revision of Allotment Fee and Caution Money for booking of Conferencehalls of Pragna Bhavan, Agartala.
4. Minutes of Circle wise review meetings taken by CE, PWD(R&B) on 30.06.2018 with 4th circle and 2nd Circle PWD(R&B) and 02-07-2018 with 3rd Circle, 1st Circle and 5th Circle PWD(R&B)
5. Procurement of DSCs (Class II Taken with Signing and Encryption Certificate having SAFENET 72K and two years validity) for officials of PWD
6. Report on achievement of 1OO Days Action Plan of PwD(R&B)
7. memo of adoption of e-procurement solution in pwd
8. Deduction of Security Deposit from agencies/ Retention regarding.
9. Schedule of Works 2017-18
10. No.F8(5)-PWD(C)/2012 1 August 2012
11. No.F8(5)-PWD(C)/2012 24 August 2012
12. Memorandum on Award of works without call of tenders under PWD Form-11 to Deed Firms
13. Training on Accounts Management System(AMS) 22-23 July 2013
14. F.NO.8(5)-PWD(C)/2012
Sl.No. Transfer and Posting
1. Sri Biswajit Pal, TES Gr-lV AE who is under order of transfer to the office of Agartala Smart City Limited.
2. Transfer and posting of TES Gr - IV/V(A)(Civil/Mechanical) Under public Works department,Dated,Agartala,The 11th December 2018
3. Notification No.F.6(59)-PWD(E)/2018/13001-49 Dated 29th November,Agartala
4. Transfer and posting of Electrician/Jr. Electrician/Helper/Sr. Helepr/Helper(E) Under public Works department,Dated,Agartala,The 29th November 2018
5. Transfer and posting of U.D Clerk and LD Clerk Under public Works department,Dated,Agartala,The 29th November 2018
6. Transfer & posting of TES Gr-IV(Civil) under Public Works Department, Dated, Agartala, the 24th July,2018
7. Transfer & posting of TES Gr-IV/(V) (Civil) under Public Works Department, Dated, Agartala, the 24th July,2018
8. Transfer and Posting in the grade of Head clerk/UDC/LDC under PWD (R&B/WR/DWS/PMGSY/NH/ Buildings) i/c TSECL,Dated,Agartala The 1st January 2019.
Sl.No. Establishment
1. Transfer of administrative control and functioning of Electrical Inspectorate, Tripura and Tripura Electrical Licensing Board to Power Department from Public Works Department
2. Submission of Property Return Form
3. Notification of promotion to the post of TES Grade-III(civil)
4. Charges of Assistant Engineer Taken over by Sri Sankar Debnath,TES Gr-V(A)(Civil)Assistant Engineer,khowai Sub-Division,PWD(R&B)
5. Charges of Executive Engineer Taken over by Sri Hiranmoy Chakma, TES Grade -IV(Civil),Member Secretary.
6. Notification of promotion of Sri Saumit Das to the post TES Grade-IV(Civil) on regular basis.
7. Notification of promotion to the post TES Grade-IV(Civil) on regular basis.
Sl.No. State Highway
1. Tripura State Highways under jurisdiction of Public Works Department(R&B)
Sl.No. SOR Road and Bridge
1. SOR 2017 Road & Bridge, Tripura, PWD(R&B)
2. SOR 2017 for Road and Bridge works part -III, Miscellaneous, Tripura PWD
3. SOR 2017 for Road and Bridge works part - II,MORD Analysis, Tripura PWD
4. SOR 2017 for Road and Bridge works part - I, MoRT&H Analysis, Tripura PWD
5. SOR 2017 Selected Tables
Sl.No. User manual
1. Budget management System(BMS)
2. Works management System(WMS)
3. Accounts management System(AMS)
4. WAMIS Mobile App User Manual
Sl.No. Schedule of Rates
2. TRIPURA SCHEDULE OF RATES 2017 (BUILDING WORKS) Published under the Authority of Chief Engineer, PWD (Buildings), Tripura
Sl.No. Archive
1. Transfers & Postings of TES Gr-l I ll I lV / VtA)
2. Transfers & Postings of TES Gr-I Dated 5th Aug 2015
3. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE-mech-Gr-V(B)Diploma
4. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE-mech-Gr-V(A)Diploma
5. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE-Electrical-Gr-V(B)Diploma
6. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE-Electrical-Gr-V(A)Diploma
7. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE.Electrical.Gr.V(A)Degree
8. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE.Civil.GrV(B)Diploma
9. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE.Civil.GrV(A)Diploma
10. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE.Civil.GrV(A)Degree
11. The Tripura Engineering Service(7th Amendment 2014) Rules
12. Transfer List of Group:- C and D
13. Fixt Pay
14. No.F.6(14)-PWD(E)/93(Tripura Engineering Service)
15. These rules may be called the Tripura Engineering Service (TES)
16. No.F.6(14)-PWD(E)/93
17. Transfers & Postings of TES Gr III & IV (Civil)
19. transfer & postings of tes gr iv/v(a) (civil/mech/elect)
20. No.F.6(59)-PWD(E)2013
21. No.F.6(59)-PWD(E)2013
22. No.F6(46)-PWD(GE)/20122 August 2012
23. No.F6(2)-PWD(E-II)/2000 14 September 2012
24. F.NO.6(59)-PWD(E)/74
25. No.F7(1)-PWD(E)/92(P7-XXXVI) 12 April 2012
26. F.NO.6(64)-PWD(E)99
27. No.F.6(2)-PWD(E-II)/2000 23 August 2012
28. Promotion Order
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