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Sl.No. Transfer and Posting
1. Transfer & posting of TES Gr-IV(A),EE under Public Works Department, Dated, Agartala, the 17th August,2019
2. Transfer & posting of TES Gr-V(A)/V(B) under Public Works Department, Dated, Agartala, the 24th June,2019
3. Transfer & posting of TES Gr-IV(Civil) under Public Works Department, Dated, Agartala, the 24th July,2018
4. Transfer & posting of TES Gr-IV/(V) (Civil) under Public Works Department, Dated, Agartala, the 24th July,2018
5. Transfer and posting of TES Gr - IV/V(A)(Civil) Under public Works department,Dated,Agartala,The 8th February 2019
6. transfer and posting of tes gr - iv(civil/mech)/v(a)cvil/mech) under public works department,dated,agartala,the 8th february 2019.
7. Transfer and Posting in the grade of Driver/Handyman under PWD(R&B/Building/DWS/WR),Dated,Agartala,The 19th February,2019.
8. Transfer and Posting in the grade of Head clerk/UDC/LDC under PWD (R&B/WR/DWS/PMGSY/NH/ Buildings) i/c TSECL,Dated,Agartala The 1st January 2019.
Sl.No. Establishment
1. Strengthening of Administration - Periodical review of service records under FR 56(j)/Rule 48 CSS (Pensions) Rules, 1972 as adopted by the Govt. of Tripura
2. Sports and Cultural committee of PWD (R & B ) Dated, Agartala 19-07-2019
3. Corrigendum in the transfer order issued vide this departments Notification No.F. 6(5 9)-PWD( E)/2019 /40 5 -314 dated 24.06.2019 .
4. Furnishing of ACRs in respect of different Grades of TES officers.
5. Furnishing of ACRs in respect of different Grades of TES officers.
6. Fixation of pay on deem promotion in respect of TES Grade-III(Civil),Executive Engineer.
7. Extension of deputation period of Shir Rajib Paul and Aninda Kanchan Dutta Roy , TES Grade V(A)(Civil) to NF Railway, Dated , Agartala, The 03rd April 2019.
8. Office order Extension of service until further order for TES Grade V(A) and TES Grade V(B) Civil/Electrical/Mechanical Dated Agartala 26-03-2019
9. MOC with CIDC New Delhi Dated, Agartala February 25,2Ot9
10. Memorandum of appointment of Sri Rajib Paul as Nodal Officer of Panchayet monitoring system(PMS)
11. Implementation of National Pension System (NPS) to Divisional Accountant/ Divisional Accounts Officers (Cadre Controlled by Accountant General (A&E), Tripura, and posted in PWD Department of Tripura.
Sl.No. Works
1. Nomination of State Quality Monitor (SQM) for inspection of PMGSY roads in the state of Tripura
2. E- procurement / Online payment regarding
3. Registration as Professional Engineers, Associate Professionals Engineers by Engineering Council of India, jointly with its Member Association.Dated Agartala 15th July.2019
4. Memorandum on Regular Inspection of Roads by field level officials of PWD(R&B). Dated Agartala 15th July.2019
5. Workshop on Arbitration and Conciliation at Prajna Bhawan, Agartala on July 05-06, 2019
6. Workshop on Arbitration and Conciliation at Prajna Bhawan, Aggartala on July 05-06, 2019
7. Nomination of Nodal Officer for guiding the field officers of PWD for submission of diversion proposals under Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980.
8. Memo on Mandatory On-line billing in PWD,Dated Agartala,13th June 2019
9. memorandum on comments on draft standard bid document of pwd dated 14th june 2019,agartala
10. Draft Standard BID Document (SBD) for PWD,Tripura 2019
11. Memorandum on Inspection of Roads and Maintenance, Dated, Agartala, 7th June ,2019
12. Memorandum on Ban on Manual Mixing Dated 3rd June 2019,Agartala
13. Memorandum on Introduction of Wet Mix Macadam on Road Works Dated 3rd june 2019,Agartala
14. Memorandum along with Data Format for Training of master trainers on application viz. WAMIS, Dated 5th May 2019,Agartala
15. Panchayet Monitoring System (PMS)- regarding. Dated Agartala the 1st April 2019
16. Minutes of the Review meeting taken by Honble Chief Minister, Tripura on 02.03.2019
17. Minutes of Circle wise review meetings taken by CE, PWD(R&B) on 30.06.2018 with 4th circle and 2nd Circle PWD(R&B) and 02-07-2018 with 3rd Circle, 1st Circle and 5th Circle PWD(R&B)
18. Procurement of DSCs (Class II Taken with Signing and Encryption Certificate having SAFENET 72K and two years validity) for officials of PWD
19. Report on achievement of 1OO Days Action Plan of PwD(R&B)
20. memo of adoption of e-procurement solution in pwd
21. Deduction of Security Deposit from agencies/ Retention regarding.
22. Schedule of Works 2017-18
23. Extension of Notification NO.F 6(26)-PWD(GE)/2018/9782-916 dated 24th September, 2018.
24. No.F8(5)-PWD(C)/2012 1 August 2012
25. Notification regarding Sub-Division Offices under PWD(R&B) to extend support including supervision of the work as and when required for concerned Nagar Panchayet/Municipal Councils.
26. No.F8(5)-PWD(C)/2012 24 August 2012
27. Memorandum on Award of works without call of tenders under PWD Form-11 to Deed Firms
28. Training on Accounts Management System(AMS) 22-23 July 2013
29. F.NO.8(5)-PWD(C)/2012
Sl.No. State Highway
1. Tripura State Highways under jurisdiction of Public Works Department(R&B)
Sl.No. SOR Road and Bridge
1. SOR 2017 Road & Bridge, Tripura, PWD(R&B)
2. SOR 2017 for Road and Bridge works part -III, Miscellaneous, Tripura PWD
3. SOR 2017 for Road and Bridge works part - II,MORD Analysis, Tripura PWD
4. SOR 2017 for Road and Bridge works part - I, MoRT&H Analysis, Tripura PWD
5. SOR 2017 Selected Tables
Sl.No. User manual
1. Budget management System(BMS)
2. Works management System(WMS)
3. Accounts management System(AMS)
4. WAMIS Mobile App User Manual
Sl.No. Schedule of Rates
2. TRIPURA SCHEDULE OF RATES 2017 (BUILDING WORKS) Published under the Authority of Chief Engineer, PWD (Buildings), Tripura
Sl.No. Archive
1. Transfers & Postings of TES Gr-l I ll I lV / VtA)
2. Transfers & Postings of TES Gr-I Dated 5th Aug 2015
3. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE-mech-Gr-V(B)Diploma
4. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE-mech-Gr-V(A)Diploma
5. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE-Electrical-Gr-V(B)Diploma
6. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE-Electrical-Gr-V(A)Diploma
7. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE.Electrical.Gr.V(A)Degree
8. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE.Civil.GrV(B)Diploma
9. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE.Civil.GrV(A)Diploma
10. No.F.6(5)PWD(E)/2006(S)JE.Civil.GrV(A)Degree
11. The Tripura Engineering Service(7th Amendment 2014) Rules
12. Transfer List of Group:- C and D
13. Fixt Pay
14. No.F.6(14)-PWD(E)/93(Tripura Engineering Service)
15. These rules may be called the Tripura Engineering Service (TES)
16. No.F.6(14)-PWD(E)/93
17. Transfers & Postings of TES Gr III & IV (Civil)
19. transfer & postings of tes gr iv/v(a) (civil/mech/elect)
20. No.F.6(59)-PWD(E)2013
21. No.F.6(59)-PWD(E)2013
22. No.F6(46)-PWD(GE)/20122 August 2012
23. No.F6(2)-PWD(E-II)/2000 14 September 2012
24. F.NO.6(59)-PWD(E)/74
25. No.F7(1)-PWD(E)/92(P7-XXXVI) 12 April 2012
26. F.NO.6(64)-PWD(E)99
27. No.F.6(2)-PWD(E-II)/2000 23 August 2012
28. Promotion Order
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